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Our prices are lower than other storeS!


On average, our prices are 8% lower than brick and mortar Mediterranean supermarkets! We buy our products directly from importers and wholesalers. Unlike supermarkets, we keep our costs very low, therefore we can pass some of the savings to you as well. So you may save on the products you consume and purchase regularly.

How many different products do we carry?

166 & Growing

In July 2021, we started with 132 products from 11 different suppliers. Within 2 weeks, 34 new items have been added to our list. At the moment, we are not selling refrigerated items, but we basically provide main Persian and Mediterranean pantry and grocery items.

Where to?

USA & Canada

We are based in Southern California, close to major wholesalers.

In the first 3 weeks of being in the business, we got orders from 5 different states! Customers in CA and NV received their purchases the next business day, meanwhile customers in MN, NY and FL received theirs within 4 business days.

Secure & Safe

Peace of Mind

Our online business is built on Shopify platform. It is a $200B publicly traded company and nearly 2 million small and large businesses use it around the world. Your payments are handled and secured by Shopify.

Modern Bazaar

Aleph Bazaar is determined to modernize the way we purchase specialty Persian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean goods.

CONVENIENTLY select the highest QUALITY products at the best VALUE to be DELIVERED to your door.

Best Quality & Value

We work with major suppliers and importers to choose the BEST products and deliver them to you at the lowest possible COST.

We have so much in common

Let's Enjoy It

From India to the beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, we all share the love of delicious aromatic colorful foods, spices, tea, authentic flavor of saffron and pomegranate, variety of herbs and condiments, exotic herbal distillates, long grain rice dishes, stews and kabobs, hummus and pickled appetizers, flat breads, nuts & seeds, olives & vinegars, baklawa, delights, fruit layers & ...

Of course, gatherings and gossips.